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From adding charm to our mundane days to narrating our culture and history, Music is a truly magical creation. While we're witnessing the era of techno beats and EDM, the nostalgic melody of folk instruments is irreplaceable for any community. Kholey Dai 3.० is going to be a gathering of folk musicians, bands, and artists from Darjeeling hills, Sikkim, North East India, and Nepal. Come along to hum with the melancholy murchunga and dance to the beats of the Damphu.



To revive the tradition and culture, many dying folk arts like Maruni, Tamang Selo, Silli dances will be presented by local groups from nearby villages and tribal boards. The performance will remind us of the significance that such arts hold in the everyday life of the local community.

Silli Dance

Lepcha Folk dance
Maruni Dance
Tamang Selo
Limbu Cultural Group
Damai Cultural Group
Mangar Cultural Group
Khas Cultural Group
Bhujel Cultural Group
Sarki Cultural Group
Dhan Naach

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