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Moon Beam Farmstay

Experience life's steadfast simplicity in a more than 100-year-old Ancestral Lepcha Home


Moonbeam Farmstay is lovingly referred to as "Thulo Ghar" by locals, which translates to "A Big House" in Nepali. This beautiful two-storied wooden property nestles between Upper Tunglabong and Lower Tunglabong as a quiet reminder of history. An ancestral home in the heart of Tunglabong, Thulo Ghar was a gathering place where villagers rested and exchanged stories.  Sometimes, the village pets also joined in. Moonbeam still preserves the farming and cultural traditions of their Lepcha ancestors. The Team at Moonbeam Farmstay works closely with its roots and strives to instill a sense of pride and love for its heritage in the next generation. Guests can experience the Lepcha culture that once flourished in  these beautful nooks of Tunglabong during their stay at Moonbeam Farmstay. 

People of Moonbeam

Moonbeam Farmstay is run by Farden Lepcha with his Aunts. After graduating from Calcutta University and working in various fields, Farden's love for nature and a simple life led him back to his ancestral farmland at Tunglabong to start Moonbeam Farmstay. 

As a host,  he is always eager to meet new people, make them feel comfortable, and create unforgettable memories. The walls of Thulo Ghar are often echoing with excited gasps of visitors listening to fascinating old Lepcha stories shared by Farden's aunts in fluent Lepcha language. The farm's head chef, Mr. Dilliram Chettri, is an expert in cooking and gardening. So you can trust him to pick out only the best vegetables from the gardens and fill Moonbeam Farmstay with the aromatic warmth of delicious cuisine. 

The team also includes Ongden Lepcha (Saila daju) and his wife Nimkit Lepcha, who take care of the farm's cattle and food crops. Ongden Lepcha is a Bungthing (a healer who performs various spiritual rituals of the Lepcha tribe) and a gifted musician. Nimkit Lepcha is an expert in farming and cattle rearing. The Team at the Farm takes special pride in their knowledge of mushrooms and can recognize which ones to eat and where to find them. Together, Farden and his team have dedicated themselves to providing guests with an authentic experience of living in a Lepcha ancestral home and farm, surrounded by nature and simplicity.


SINGLE ROOM One Queen sized bed with attached toilet and bathroom.

STANDARD ROOM Queen-sized bed and a single bed with attached western toilet and bathroom and another Indian-style toilet. We can provide extra beds in this room

DORMITORY ROOM Dormitory with two queen-sized beds and two attached western toilets, and one bathroom.



Tunglebung is a growing hub for organic and small-scale tea farming, and Farden also has his tea garden. Partake in the tea processing experience and learn about the different steps to creating the perfect cup of tea. Farden will be your guide, showing you how to pick the right leaves, process and dry them, and finally brew them for a delightful cup of tea. You'll also learn about the history and culture of tea in the region.



Immerse into the rich tapestry of the Lepcha culture that is still devotedly preserved and practiced by the locals. Listen to Farden's aunties as they share folktales in their Native Lepcha language and sing along with Ongden Lepcha (Saila Daju), while he serenades with various Lepcha instruments. As a Bungthing, a healer of the Lepcha tradition he is also a knowledge keeper of traditional medicine.


Volunteering is an essential aspect of the Moon Beam farmstay experience. From the farm's inception, Farden has welcomed volunteers from all over the world who are eager to learn and contribute to the community. There are numerous opportunities available for volunteers to participate in and learn new skills. Whether it's assisting with tea processing, engaging in local village activities, helping with organic farming, or supporting the local women's group in horticulture and herbal medicine making, the possibilities are limitless.


At Moon Beam, you are guaranteed to have a fulfilling and educational experience if you are willing to step out of your comfort zone and embrace new challenges. To become a volunteer, you must stay for a minimum of seven days, and the duration can be extended as desired. As a volunteer, you will be expected to work for 4-5 hours each day and will only need to pay a nominal fee for food. Joining us as a volunteer is an excellent way to explore new cultures, learn new skills, and make a positive impact in the community



Moonbeam Farmstay provides a safe and immersive environment for children to learn about their roots and experience a traditional village lifestyle. Kids can participate in various farming activities and learn about domestic animals, all while being surrounded by nature. The farmstay also provides a safe environment for learning, with our hosts who are always available to guide and teach. Kids can explore and learn at their own pace, gaining valuable knowledge and skills while having fun and making memories.

How To Reach

Nearest Railway Station: 


-New MalJunction (20kms- 35mins)


-New Jalpaiguri Junction (64kms-1hr 34mins)


Nearest Airport: 


-Bagdogra (75kms- 2hrs 6mins).

Moonbeam Farmstay is located in Nim Busty, Tunglabong, a 10mins ride (4kms) from the nearest town Gorubathan in Kalimpong District. We can arrange for pick-up and drop-off vehicles. The road leading up to our farm is approximately 700 meters long and not a mettled road, so we suggest that guests bring larger vehicles for travel to our farm. If a car cannot reach our farm, we do have safe parking spaces available

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