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Muhaan | मुहा न is the Nepali word for Source. The ethos of Muhaan is reflected in its curiosity to trace, connect, and strengthen the roots.


It is a collective of driven individuals from various backgrounds working to trigger the flow of sustainable economic opportunities in the remote villages of the Eastern Himalayan Belt.The immediate focus is developing a conscious experiential and educational tourism models with the active participation of the rural community. Muhaan implements alternative modes of tourism with the holistic documentation of narratives of the landscape and its people.


Muhaan envisions a world where rural societies become the source of conservation of bio-cultural diversity and a space for a deeper, authentic connection with the global community. We believe in a holistic approach to socio-economic and environmental well-being.



You must have traveled to the mountains and been pleased by its majestic landscapes, but a place is created by more than just its scenic views.  Places hold people and their stories. And stories are powerful if only we’re paying attention. They break down barriers and build bridges of empathy. At Muhaan, we’ve all got a story to share. Having grown up with these hills and valleys, we can say that these aren’t just stories but personal recollections and retellings of how we’ve been making the most out of life, despite living in the last miles.  These stories aren’t just the popularly written history of the well-known Himalayas, but lesser-known delicate lived experiences and marginalized narratives of the people living in the rural communities of the Eastern Himalayas.


For many of us, the quietude and stillness of the rural landscape is an escape. But venturing into rural communities can also facilitate knowledge-sharing and compassionate engagement. Muhaan works directly with rural communities on principles of a self-sustaining community tourism model.  By reassuring the community to share their traditional livelihood practices and preserved cultures, we hope to enable the creation of authentic tourism experiences that translate into long-term friendships.



  1. Conservation of Bio-cultural Diversity: Muhaan prioritizes the conservation of bio-cultural diversity, recognizing the intrinsic value of local ecosystems and cultural heritage. Our policy aims to protect and preserve the rich biodiversity and cultural traditions of rural areas through responsible tourism practices.

  2. Community-Led Conservation: We empower rural communities to take ownership of conservation efforts, fostering a sense of stewardship and pride in their natural and cultural heritage. Our policy promotes community-led initiatives that prioritize indigenous knowledge, sustainable livelihoods, and ecosystem protection.

  3. Authentic Connections: Muhaan seeks to facilitate genuine and meaningful connections between travelers and rural communities, promoting cultural exchange, mutual respect, and cross-cultural understanding. Our policy aims to create immersive experiences that encourage dialogue, appreciation, and empathy.

  4. Socio-Economic Well-being: We are committed to enhancing the socio-economic well-being of rural communities by generating income opportunities, supporting local enterprises, and fostering economic resilience. Our policy prioritizes inclusive growth, equitable distribution of benefits, and empowerment of marginalized groups.

  5. Environmental Stewardship: Muhaan embraces its responsibility to minimize environmental impact and promote sustainable practices. Our policy aims to reduce carbon emissions, minimize waste generation, and protect natural habitats, ensuring the long-term health and resilience of ecosystems.

  6. Ethical Engagement: We uphold ethical principles in all aspects of our operations, including fair share, respect for human rights, and transparency in business practices. Our policy promotes ethical engagement with stakeholders, partners, and the wider community, fostering trust and accountability.

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