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Neora Trails

Into the depths of Neora Valley National Park



About Neora Trails

Neora Trail invites you to experience nature at its best in Neora Valley National Park. With expert guides and carefully curated treks, you can look forward to a memorable journey of discovery, connecting with the forests and the local communities. From birdwatching to river treks and forest camping, come explore the unseen wonders of Neora Valley like never before!

About Neora Valley National Park

Neora Valley National Park covers an area of 159.78 sq km with an elevation of 183–3,200 m (600–10,499 ft). The highest point is Rachela Danda. The forest falls in one of the biodiversity hotspots of the Himalayas. The forest in Neora Valley has such luxurious growth that even sunlight finds it difficult to touch the ground. Much of the park is still inaccessible, making it an adventurous place for nature lovers/trekkers who can take the challenge to explore the still-unknown terrain in the Kalimpong district hills. Virgin natural forests, dense bamboo groves, the colorful canopy of Rhododendron trees, lush green valleys, meandering rivers, and streams with snow-capped mountains in the backdrop form a picturesque landscape. It borders Pakyong District and Samtse Bhutan. The Neora River is the major water source for Kalimpong town.



Owing to its rich biodiversity and virgin forests, Neora Valley seems like a dream of Birdwatchers. Neora Valley is home to almost 400 species of birds, ranging from birds of low altitude to high altitude owing to its diversity in terrain. Though throughout the years, areas around the upper Neora valley like Lava have gained some popularity among nature lovers, the area of Lower Neora still has many unexplored parts. Through this experience, we want you to join us in exploring less traveled bird watching trails of the region. The trail will try to take birding to more unknown birding territories of lower range from Samsing to Todey- Tangta.

Nature Hikes

Not just birds, Neora Valley is also highly rich in its flora and fauna. Join us for special treks with attention to detail where you can experience a diverse range of butterflies, moths, insects, orchids, and natural streams. If you are silent enough and the gods of the forest are pleased with you, you might spot some rare animals too. 


River Trekking

Do you know that Neora Valley actually derives its name from the pristine river Neora which originates from the depths of the forests. Besides Neora the area is blessed with numerous free-flowing streams each having its own characteristics and stories. Follow the course of the rivers and meditate on the flow of life and the origin of everything.


Forest Healing

The Forest Healing takes you on a fascinating journey of inner change and transformation through Nature. Discover priceless ways to cultivate a calm mind, a healthy body, and a peaceful life. Together let’s learn the secrets of healing in nature, with nature and know how to deal with the chaos of our times.

Village Hikes

Our village hikes to the fringe villages of Neora Valley National Park offer a unique opportunity for visitors to immerse themselves in the local culture and learn about the lifestyle of rural communities. These hikes allow visitors to interact with the local people and witness their daily activities such as farming, cattle rearing, and handicraft making. During the hikes, visitors can witness the traditional methods used by the villagers for agriculture and livestock rearing. They can also learn about the medicinal properties of the plants found in the forest, as well as the various techniques used by the villagers to sustainably manage their resources.


For Children

We also have specially curated nature-based activities for children which involve exploring and engaging with the natural world through camping, nature walks, and gardening. These activities can promote physical health, creativity, problem-solving, teamwork, and reduce stress and anxiety, while fostering a deeper appreciation for nature. These activities provide children with a fun and beneficial way to connect with their environment.


About Samsing Fari

Samsing Fari-  Samsing fari with its mesmerizing view of the Doars is located at an altitude of 3000ft at the entrance of the magnificent Neora Valley National Park. With various mountain rivers Neora, Murti, Suntaleykhola flowing around it, the area boasts of one of the most biodiverse tropical forests found in the region. Regularly new species of birds,  wildlife, and plants are getting discovered in these parts of the national park. Samsing Fari is also connected to numerous remote and virgin hamlets of human settlements on the fringe of Neora Valley National Park like Tin Kateri, Sakham, Saureni, Gumba Dara, Bhujel Gaon, etc. The place is our first base camp which is at comparatively at lower altitude.


About Todey- Tangta

The virgin villages of Todey Tangta start from about 4,307ft and extend to the boundaries of Neora Valley National Park. This unexplored area is a must for nature lovers who want to witness the raw beauty of Neora Valley. With numerous streams and dense forests, the area is a biodiversity hotspot. Being at a suitable altitude birders can spot birds of both higher and lower altitudes. Situated at the border of Bhutan, Todey-Tangta is the last villages of the Kalimpong district. Owing to its closeness to Bhutan and its remoteness, Todey-Tangta has evolved to become a unique destination that's a melting pot of Bhutanese and Indian cultures.

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