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Todey -Tangta

The Last Villages of Kalimpong

About Todey- Tangta

Situated at the border of Bhutan, Todey-Tangta are the last villages of the Kalimpong district. Owing to its closeness to Bhutan and its remoteness, Todey-Tangta has evolved to become a unique destination that's a melting pot of Bhutanese and Indian cultures.


The inhabitants of the villages are mostly Rai, Bhutia, Tamang and Lepchas. The places offer a beautiful view of Bhutan and on a clear day, people can witness the magnificent Himalayan ranges in all its glory.


The place is an entry point to the great forests of Neora Valley National Park which has numerous trekking routes. There are also many hidden falls and lakes inside the forests that are yet to be explored. Once a cardamom hub, the place still boasts of many cardamom gardens around the villages.


Todey-Tangta has a mix of Bhutia, Rai, Lepchas, and Tamang populations. Religion-wise, they are a mix of Christian, Buddhists, and Hindus. Generally the people are warm, hardworking and very creative.


The people of Todey-Tangta have a strong sense of community and are often seen helping each other during marriages, agricultural activities, or funerals.



The food at Todey-Tangta is based on what is available locally and seasonally. Each tribe has their own distinctive food habits and also share some common mountain dishes. They also rely on many wild edibles and foraged food, owing to traditional knowledge passed on from generation to generation. Some local delicacies are made during special events based on seasonal and cultural calendars.

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Hikes in and around Todey-Tangta are the best way to explore the area. The village hikes go through many small villages, cardamom fields, forests, and mountain streams. You can stop over at anyone's house for a cup of tea and enjoy a slice of their daily life. It's hard not to marvel at the natural traditional houses made of wood and stone, which are one of the last of their kind in the area. The sight of the distant villages in Bhutan continuously accompanies you, with the Himalayan range in the background.



Todey-Tangta has numerous mountain streams which flow through the valleys like Dabai Khola, Chumong Khola, Simana Khola,etc. All the rivers originate from the deep forests of India and Bhutan. Dabai Khola, as the name suggests, is known as a medicinal river - the river water being highly rich in minerals. Simana Khola is the border river that separates India and Bhutan. There are numerous treks with different experiences for each.



Todey-Tangta is situated at the edge of Neora Valley National Park, which is one of the most biodiverse hotspots in the world. This area is a special heaven for birdwatchers as you can spot various birds of both high and low altitudes. The area is also rich in many medicinal plants, herbs, and other flora. The forests of Todey-Tangta are a different world in themselves.


Todey comes to life every Sunday, thanks to the weekly haat, where people from all the surrounding villages come to visit the market. 

Local farmers and traders assemble to sell a variety of things - including food, local delicacies, and vegetables.

Before the lockdown, the market would see traders from Bhutan as well. 

The Sunday haat is a confluence of different cultures and is a colorful little event to indulge in the brighter side of Todey-Tangta.



Every household in the mountains reserves a space for guests. The rooms are usually wooden, keeping you warm and cozy in the cold.


A kitchen is an important place in the mountains. This is where stories are exchanged over a fire or during the preparation of food.

The Serene Acres

Serene Acres homestay in Chisang Village is a tranquil getaway atop a hill, boasting a majestic view of the Himalayan range. Owned by the hospitable family of Francis, the homestay offers cozy rooms, authentic local cuisine, and outdoor activities like hiking and bird-watching. It's a perfect destination for nature lovers seeking solace amidst nature's lap.

Cardamom Homestay

Cardamom Homestay is a must-visit for anyone looking for an authentic homestay experience in Todey. Located in the serene village of Pala, the homestay is owned and operated by the hospitable Lepcha family of Digel Lepcha. The lush green cardamom fields surrounding the homestay provide a picturesque backdrop for guests to enjoy.

The family is known for their warm and friendly hospitality, providing visitors with a homely and comfortable stay. Guests can enjoy traditional delicacies prepared by the family using locally sourced ingredients.


How To Reach

Nearest railway station- New Jalpaiguri (NJP) NJP to Todey Bazar- 112 km Nearest airport - Bagdogra Bagdogra to Todey Bazar - 123 km There are no direct bus routes till Todey Bazar, you can get a direct share taxi from Pani Tanki more, Siliguri at 1 p.m. Or you can come to Malbazar from where you can get regular cars till 3 p.m. November to March is the best time to explore Todey-Tangta as the weather is dry, skies are clear, making it easier to travel. We can arrange your pick up/drop to and from NJP/Bagdogra/Siliguri on prior notice.

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