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Are there any age restrictions?

Kholey Festival is open to all ages. There is a special kid zone with activities designed to keep kids engaged. Kids under the age of 12 are free to enter the festival as long as they are accompanied by their parents. 


What ID proof should I carry?

All government-recognized ID proofs are valid.


How much are the festival tickets for?

Please visit the festival website for ticket-related details.


What is the ticket refund policy?

The ticket money is non-refundable. The performers are subject to change. No refunds will be offered in case any performances are canceled or due to any extreme weather conditions. Under very unique circumstances, do we allow for transfers of tickets. 


Can I buy tickets for any specific day(s)?

Yes, day passes are available online and at the festival venue. To avoid any hassle, guests are advised to book online tickets through the website.


How can I reach the festival site?

For visitors arriving via Railway:

The nearest railway station is Malbazar, about 40kms ( 2 and half hours) from Parengtar. From Subhash More, Malbazar you can take a shared taxi to Parengtar. The average fare of a shared taxi is between 150-200 per person.

The nearest major railway junction is New Jalpaiguri Junction, Siliguri which is about 95 km ( 3 hours) distance. You have to reach Kalimandir Bus Stand in Siliguri to get a shared taxi.


For visitors arriving via Airport:

The nearest airport is Bagdogra International Airport, Siliguri is 112 km (4 hours) from Parengtar. You can take an auto to Siliguri, from where you can take a shared taxI between 1 to 3 p.m.


Would accommodations be provided by the organizers?

Guests can book their accommodation from the festival website. Popular staying options include camping and home-stays.


What will the weather be like?

You can expect nights to be a little chilly and a bit windy.

What should I pack for a comfortable stay?

You can carry a  winter jacket, umbrella, insect repellent, portable charger, headlamp, foldable chair and a dry bag for your valuables.

Are there any group packages available?

Group packages are available for corporate bookings or for very large groups. For any such requirement, you can directly get in touch with the management at


What food options will be available at the festival?

The festival is mostly promoting local traditional food. But there will be stalls from neighboring areas providing diverse kinds of food options. Also get ready to taste the local rice beer.

Am I allowed to carry a camera/recording device/drone?

Guests can carry a camera for personal use. Professional recording devices or drones are strictly not allowed.


How can I register for the workshops?

All registrations can be done through the festival website. The schedule for workshops would be updated a few weeks prior to the festival.


Where can I access the schedule for the workshops/performances?

Guests can access all information related to schedules and registration through the festival website and our social media.


Would there be local immersive experiences organized?

Yes, we organize heritage walks and experiences with locals during the festival. The details of that can be found on our website.

Who can I contact in case of a medical emergency?

The festival site has a medical support desk that must be contacted in case of any medical emergencies. There is also an ambulance and doctor on call, if required.


Is parking available for a private vehicle at the site?

A limited parking facility is available outside the festival site. It is advisable to avoid driving a private vehicle to avoid traffic congestions and roadblocks.


Are there any nearby hikes/treks to explore?

Yes, the details of the hikes/ treks will be available on our website or the management can be contacted for further information.

Is it safe for solo travellers?

The festival is completely safe for all travelers and  also safe for solo women travelers. Police patrol vans are stationed at the festival site round-the-clock. There is an exclusive women’s helpline number set up for festival guests.


Are there any nearby market areas?

The nearest market including an ATM is situated 3 kms away in Jholung.


Can I interact with the local people?

Yes. The festival is hosted by the villagers of Parengtar. Guests are encouraged to interact with the community while staying respectful at all times.


What can I do if I lose something valuable at the venue?

In such cases, guests are advised to inform the Lost and Found Desk at the Info Booth, at the earliest.


Would I need a permit to enter the area?

You don’t need any special permit to enter the area.


Anything else I need to keep in mind?

Outside alcohol or food is not allowed at the festival site.

We have a strict zero-tolerance policy for drugs, firearms and violence of any kind. Anyone found indulging in any of these will be ejected from the festival without any warning.

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