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The guests have two options for accommodation during Kholeydai Festival 2023 -

Local Homestays

Create new friendships as you live with the local residents of Parengtar in their homes. Enjoy the warm hospitality of your host who will accommodate you in their home's extra rooms and ensure you have a comfortable stay. It is also an opportunity to understand the lived experiences of people here. Be mindful that these are not luxury hotels but personal, humble spaces that people have opened up for you. The essence of homestays remains true to its origins in Parengtar, where hosts gladly welcome guests into their homes and treat them like extended family members. This concept differs from the commercial homestay model in that it emphasises a more real and familial experience.


  • Admission to the festival on specified reserved dates.

  • Enjoyment of live gigs, cultural performances, and all festival activities.

  • Comfortable accommodation in local homestays/camps during the festival.

  • Daily breakfast to start your day.


  • Transportation to and from the festival destination.

  • Additional meals apart from the provided breakfast.

  • Extension of stay beyond the originally booked days.

  • Any supplementary tourist activities not covered by the festival.

  • Personal expenses and incidental costs.

*The rates might vary according to the final requirements of the guests*


For any assistance with Cab bookings /  Homestay bookings feel free to get in touch with us -

Sobit Bhujel- +91 70318 50653 / Vicky Sharma +91 7478820272  / Arunavh Dam- 9339070825





Camp with us in countryside of Parengtar and make Bipul Chettri's 'Akasaima tara, juneli raat’ come to life . Trust the Kholey Dai Campsite team as they tuck you into your warm tents after a night of bonfire, music, and conversations. Our Campground will be ready to shelter you from the windy December night. Book your spot for a night of exchanging stories, music over barbeque and Tongba.



  • Festival admission for specified reserved dates.

  • Access to live gigs, cultural performances, and all festival activities.

  • Cozy camping accommodation which includes sleeping bag and mat during the festival.

  • Daily breakfast


  • Transportation to and from the festival location.

  • Additional meals beyond the provided breakfast.

  • Extension of stay beyond the booked duration.

  • Any extra tourist activities not included in the festival.

  • Personal expenses and incidentals.

For any assistance with Cab booking / Camping & Homestay booking feel free to get in touch with us -

Sumiran Allay - +91 +91 72591 92556 / Dominic Savio Rai-9475468779/Vickey Sharma +91 7478820272 /


*The rates might vary according to the final requirements of the guests*



Code of Conduct


  • Try to communicate and interact with your host family as much as possible. Host families love to interact and learn more from you

  • Please treat your homestay like your own home. Do not clutter or litter your rooms and try to lend a helping hand wherever possible

  • Please maintain the peace and decorum of the household at all times. You can reach out for any requirement to the hosts, but do so politely and reasonably

  • Please do not disrupt any property of the homestays. Any damages or loss will have to be remunerated fully in cash

  • Please do not enter or pry into the private space of the hosts which is not open to visitors 

  • Kindly furnish a valid ID proof and a payment receipt to the organizers on arrival and whenever required

  • Please have your festival passes in your possession at all times when you’re in the festival venue

  • Maintain polite relationships with everyone including but not limited to fellow guests, the local community, homestay operators, artists, organizers, guides, drivers, etc.  

  • The festival is a space to connect, explore and have fun. Abuse, Violence, disrespect, or Indecency in any form meted out to persons or property will not be tolerated and will be stringently dealt with as per Law within the jurisdiction of Kalimpong District Court & Kolkata High Court only.

  •  Intoxication will not be tolerated as an excuse for any misbehaviour. The organizers reserve the right to immediately expel anyone who causes conflict or nuisance. 

  • We are a close-knit homegrown team trying to offer you the best of our homeland. We request guests to reach out for any help required from our volunteers but to do so patiently as the team members are looking after 100+ people simultaneously. 

  • Tents are provided on a sharing basis, equipped with sleeping mats and bags. Please be mindful of the space you occupy in your tents. In case you need anything extra, please be patient while reaching out to our team members. We will try our best to give you a comfortable stay, but cannot guarantee that all extra requirements can be met.

  • The organizers will not be responsible for any refund arising out of unforeseen circumstances such as any natural or man-made calamities which are beyond our control. Request you to book with the right expectations set.

  • Any malicious intention to defame the organizers or destroy the festival’s ambiance, reputation, or property will be stringently dealt with in accordance with Law within the jurisdiction of Kalimpong District Court & Kolkata High Court only.

  • In case of any damages to the camp material, the guest will be liable to pay the price in full for the damaged equipment. 

  • The Kholeydai Festival is a community gathering that celebrates local culture. We request all guests be respectful of this fragile space, the communities, and their traditions. 

  • Please take permission while filming or taking photographs of local people or their personal space.

  • Kholeydai Music Festival is also a platform for artists to showcase their talents. Please be aware of the boundaries of creative freedom and artistic ethics. Plagiarism, exploitation, or appropriation of the knowledge pool will be dealt with in accordance with Law within the jurisdiction of Kalimpong District Court & Kolkata High Court only.

  • Any disrespect shown towards anybody in the community is unacceptable. People are usually friendly in Parengtar, and we are confident you will make good friends with the locals. 

  • Parengtar is a community and home to us. The tourism infrastructure is a homegrown, collective effort of the community. Although we have given our best, please do not expect standardized services that prevail in more developed regions 

  • Kholeydai Festival is a zero-waste event. Please minimize any waste that you bring to the venue and take away all non-biodegradable waste along with you. 

  • Abuse or sale of narcotic substances is strictly not allowed at the Kholeydai Festival.

  • Management has the right to alter the itinerary, and further holds all rights to cancel trips in case of unavoidable circumstances.

  • Please read all the information carefully. You can also call/mail us to understand all the Rules (terms and conditions).


Terms and Conditions:

1.  The organizers retain the full right to forfeit services without refund and expel any guests from the venue for violating the code of conduct or campsite decorum. 

2. The Festival Pass inclusive package rates are subject to change according to the current ticket rates. 

3. The cost of packages is subject to increase once the first batch slots are sold.

4. The cost is calculated at the present cost of ground services. Any change in the ground cost during the time of travelling, the package cost is subject to increase.

5. Please be mindful of your luggage and personal belongings at the Festival at all times. The organizers cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to your personal belongings in any form.

6. Any damage to the campsite equipment and other material is subject to full compensation for the product in cash 

8. The organizers reserve the right to change cost/property/destination/itinerary/campsite location/anything related to this festival or even cancel the festival in the light of any unforeseen incidence of man-made, political nature or natural calamities.

9. The organizers disclaim the responsibility for any loss or damage or refund due to man-made or natural causes or pandemics which are beyond their control. Guests who wish to extend their stay or cancel their trip on account of such events will have to bear the additional expenses and a refund shall be subject to the cancellation policy mentioned in point 10 below.

10. Cancellation policy: Once booked it is subject to 20% cancellation charges. Further, cancellation charges are- 60 days before 40%, 50 days before 50%, 49 days onward or not shown on the departure date 100% cancellation fees.

11. We expect all guests to be courteous to all at all times. Disputes at the campground and festival venue will not be entertained and damages arising out of such disputes shall be borne by the parties involved. 

12.  Disputes if any are under the Jurisdiction of Jaldhaka Police Station and Kalimpong District Court only.


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