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The "Annual Rice Harvest," which involves the harvesting of rice, is the highlight of the "Kholey Dai Festival." Rice is an essential component of our daily meals and lives; visitors will be able to see and participate in the rice producing process.Visitors will stay with the people in Parentar, where they will be able to sample the original and traditional flavors of the hamlet. Traditional art and craft forms from Parentar will be showcased, giving visitors a greater knowledge of the hamlet and its inhabitants.Folk storytelling sessions held alongside a bonfire, swimming, fishing, local sight-seeing and hikes across Parengtar's gorgeous scenery, as well as their native games, provide glimpses into the locals' everyday lives.


Harvesting Rituals

Dive deep into the spirit of rural life by participating in the traditional annual rice harvest with the local farmers of Parengtar. You'll not only get to see the precise harvesting practices, but you'll also get to roll up your sleeves and take part in the age-old process of transforming paddy into the life-sustaining grains we eat every day.


Folk Culture

The Kholeydai Festival is an enthralling fusion of India's rich folk traditions set against the backdrop of true rural life in Parengtar. This is your chance to learn and enjoy uncommon folk art forms from all around India, giving you a deep understanding of our country's cultural legacy.

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There will be a variety of sessions to help you ignite your mind and transform your viewpoint. These seminars will also help you absorb the surroundings with greater depth and awareness. During the festival, there will be workshops on local crafts, food, storytelling, arts, biodiversity, and so on.

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Folk evening

Let the starlit nights come alive with soul-stirring music as the sun sets. Experience the charm of carefully chosen musical performances with artists from India and neighboring Nepal, heightening the harvest festival vibe.


Explore outdoors

Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature and your surroundings by participating in a variety of outdoor activities. Go fishing in pristine waters, go on local hikes to discover hidden jewels, ride a bicycle to explore the terrain, and enjoy bird watching and swimming - all to strengthen your bond with the land.


Local Sightseeing

Explore the magnificent landscape beyond Parengtar. Visit the historic Bindu Dam, see the enchanting last villages of Kalimpong in Todey Tangta, take in the panoramic views from Tungsung, and marvel at the Jaldhaka River's grandeur. These outings guarantee a kaleidoscope of views and sensations.



Delight your taste buds with organic local culinary delicacies that capture the essence of Parengtar's culture. Savour foods made with passion and attention that highlight the authentic flavors of this thriving community.

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