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Kholey Dai is a unique illustration of how a tiny village community can band together to build a venue to display the art and culture of a rural setting. Two editions of Kholey Dai have been completed successfully, beginning in 2021.
Festival has helped a village being  highlighted in many way. Last year Parengtar was nominated for  'Best Tourism Village' by United Nation - World Tourism Organization. Festival  has also resulted in the establishment of 25 lovely home-stays that provide travellers with an authentic local experience. Cinema People have begun to take notice of this gorgeous place, and a few films have recently been shot there. 
The festival's success led to Parengtar's prestigious nomination as a model tourism village in Kalimpong, showcasing its unique appeal.
Cultural events like Asar Pandhra have garnered widespread interest, drawing tourists to witness and participate in these traditional celebrations.
Kholeydai's zero-waste model has inspired neighboring villages to adopt eco-friendly practices during their own events and festivals.
Local villagers thrived economically, with stallholders earning nearly 2 lakhs during the festival, contributing to the community's prosperity.

Key Objectives/ Why we are doing this

  • To promote and preserve traditional culture and pass it to new generations  

  • To spread awareness about the importance of agriculture and farming practices in the hills and ensure their continuity

  • To create new livelihood opportunities for villages in the form of community-based tourism

  • Promote cultural exchanges 

  • To create a platform for various folk art practitioners to display their art forms

  • To create a model of zero waste event which completely is based on local natural resources.

  • Promote sustainable rural tourism in remote villages of Kalimpong.

  • Foster long-term partnerships with different stakeholders


A showcase of cultural heritage, rural tourism and music in a community-centric model is what makes this festival stand out from all other festivals.

Arts and Culture
The festival aims to give a greater platform for practitioners of dying folk cultures of the area like Maruni dance, Silli Dance, Tamang Selo, Palam Geet and all sorts of unique folk forms of various communities of the hills.

The festival is aimed to  curate a  definitive folk music line-up consisting of artisits from Nepal, Sikkim, Darjeeling, Kalimpong, Manipur and Assam. Folk artists from India and overseas will also get a platform to showcase their talents.

Rural Tourism and Agro Tourism
The festival is a great example of an authentic rural tourism model, where the whole village of Parengtar becomes a common ground to showcase the unique features of a rural lifestyle. The core concept of the festival itself is derived from the agricultural practices of Parengtar which is aimed to motivate the farmers and the farming culture.

Cultural Heritage
Celebration of the cultural heritage of our hills with all generations is at the heart of our festival. Engaging in traditional rites, customs and skills, offers a platform to pass knowledge and experience on to the next generation. Every villager here is a storyteller, collectively weaving memories and experiences creating a tapestry of the village’s heritage and history. Interacting with the villagers will allow the visitors a deeper perspective of the village while allowing them to observe their roots.

A greater part of the festival also goes into training the locals of the area in various skills which opens up newer avenues in livelihood. The festival becomes a training ground for the locals in tourism, handicrafts, event management, waste management, marketing, etc. The local homestays, stalls, guides, craftsmen and women, and artists all get the opportunity to earn livelihood during the event and also beyond it. Special art-based workshops are also curated for the local youth and children to motivate their creative expression.

How can you help us?

In order to fulfil our dream and to organize this festival again this year, we need your support. 

Your contributions will enable us to- 

1) Bring renowned folk artists from North East India and Nepal.

2) Create a completely eco-friendly and zero-waste event by using local natural resources. From the stage to the whole event setup, everything will serve as a role model in terms of sustainable events.

Every contribution of yours will bring us one step closer to our dream, the dream of giving our heritage the place it deserves and a way forward for the community of Parengtar.

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